m Mijn Omgeving
The Escape Room we have on Vakantiepark Schouwen is called “De Overstroming”, which means “The Flood”. It brings us back to our island in 1953, when the sea was too strong for our dikes. Over 600 groups went before you, but not all of them made it out in time. Do you accept the challenge to escape within 60 minutes by solving puzzles and riddles?

Up to now, the best scores are:
0 hints 38.00 minutes
1 hint 42.55 minutes
2 hints 33.07 minutes
3 hints 55.42 minutes
So, you have 4 records to break!

Direct reservations? 
Call us +31 111 20 20 60 send an e-mail to info@waikikifoodbar.nl

Prices are € 75,00 for 2/3 people or € 90,00 for 4 - 6 people. We look forward to welcoming you in our eerie living room…