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Vakantiepark Schouwen is located on a beautiful part of the island “Schouwen-Duiveland” in the province of Zeeland. You can walk to the North Sea beach and enjoy the famous nature of Zeeland, the dunes, the sun or a wonderful meal in one of the beach cafés.

North Sea beach

Renesse is centrally located on the coast where the island has its long North Sea beach. Our beaches are perfect for sunbathing or for a nice walk in the wind. On the main beach entrances there will be life guards on duty in the summer. Bij de drukste overgangen in Renesse is tijdens het seizoen een post van de strandreddingsbrigade in bedrijf. Altogether, plenty of ingedients for a carefree way to enjoy our amazing beach!


The main street of Renesse is about 500 metres from the park. Here you will found shops, diverse restaurants, cafés and terraces. There are street markets on Wednesdays! Stroll around town for the day or just go for some delicious ice cream.


For outdoor fanatics Schouwen-Duiveland has a lot to offer. The dunes, the grasslands “De Vroongronden”, but also the woodland around the 17th century Moermond Castle, are all within walkin distance. All these areas are accessible to everyone with walking and biking routes. Bird watching is popular, but do not forget the deer and the Highland cattle. For those who enjoy the outdoors, culture, salt-water delicacies, water sports, hiking and biking, there is so much to explore. Even for very active guests this is the place to be. Popular activities are bicycle racing, running, inline skating, Nordic walking, fishing etc. Prefer water sports? Go windsurfing, kitesurfing, diving, sailing, kiting, or anything you can think of that requires wind or water.

Nature reserves

Vakantiepark Schouwen is located right among these nature reserves. On the West coast of Schouwen-Duiveland, you will find the widest beaches of Zeeland – with a total length of 17 kilometres. The most sunshine hours on annual basis in The Netherlands are obviously in Zeeland. Just behind the beach you will find a large area of woodlands and dunes of around 1.100 hectares. This area is mostly freely accessible. The many deer are a popular sight in this area. You will run into them when going for a hike along one of the many extensive walking routes, or use the biking routes or public bridleways.
For more information about our beautiful nature reserves, please check out the websites of Staatsbosbeheer (national nature reserve management) or check out the excursion calendar of National Park Oosterschelde.